Fruit Nutritional Facts And Health Benefits


Different fruits have different nutrition components, and some fruits have higher nutrition value than others.

1. Fruits are both delicious and rich in vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin C.
2. Some fruits contain a form of Folate a form of folic acid, also known as Vitamin B9 or B12.
3. Many fruits contain essentials nutrients that prevent chronic diseases such as cardiac arrest.
4. Fruits also help in preventing hypertension, both high and low blood sugar, high cholesterol, prevent certain types of cancer and enhance good eyesight.

Fruits with highest nutritional values

If you are thinking of adding any fruit recipe in a meal, then consider adding recipes that contain fruits with highest nutritional value.

  • Avocado

An average avocado has a nutritional value of 228 calories, 9 g fiber, a rich source of vitamin E and Folate. They also contain healthy monounsaturated fats that are responsible for lowering cholesterol levels in the body. For those who prefer butter in their sandwich, they are recommended to replace it with avocado. Babies and infants should be fed with avocados too because their high fat content boosts growth and development.bhtjr6i6rjywy35

  • Apple

One medium apple contains 75 calories and 3 g fiber. They also contain antioxidants known as flavonoids that help in decreasing possibilities of someone developing diabetes and maintain asthma. They are also a good mouth freshener with. It is always advisable not to peel apples because their flavor, aroma, and vitamins are found in the skin and just below the skin.

  • Banana

A single medium ripe banana contains as much as 105 calories, 3 g fiber, vitamin B6, 420 milligrams Potassium and Folate. High level of potassium in bananas help the body to maintain low blood pressure

  • Kiwi fruit

tyk5ehrgevsrh5A single kiwi fruit might contain up to 56 calories, 3 g fiber, vitamin C and E, magnesium and potassium. With more vitamin C than oranges, kiwi fruits can be a great deal in bones growth and development as well as cartilage, teeth, and teeth gums. Kiwi fruits also lower Triglyceride thus minimizing to great extents risks of developing cardiac arrest.

  • Mango

A half slice of this tropical fruit contains as much as 54 calories, 1.5 g of fiber and it is a great source of vitamin A. they are also high in a particular antioxidant known as Lutein and Zeaxanthin that greatly helps boost eye vision and acting as an anti-aging agent.

It is always advisable to include fruit in each and every meal if possible even if it is in the fruits recipes and salads so as to boost body immune and health.